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1902 Motosacoche

Single cylinder, 148cc engine, mounted in a 1902 Sparkbrook Bicycle frame.

Founded in Acacia, Geneva, Switzerland in 1901 by Henri and Armand Dufauxs, the term Motosacoche literally means “motor in a bag”. Originally the Dufauxs brothers worked in collaboration with Royal Enfield who supplied the cycle parts and as such they put together units to be sold in Europe and the UK (the UK sales were handled by Royal Enfield). For its age it is a very complex and well-built bike.

This nicely patinated and original early model is unrestored and had been used regularly in the UK. It was last used in the 2004 famous Banbury Run competitive Time Trial event by its previous owner (Reg Eyre).

This bike is a very rare and beautiful early example.  It is interesting to note that this bike was cruising down country lanes 11 years before WWI and two years before the Wright Bros flew.