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1948 Moto-Scoot 145

Moto-Scoot was a US motor scooter manufacturer in Chicago founded by Normal Siegel in 1937. While Siegel was in the army during the Second World War, the company was taken over by a group of financiers who changed its name to American Moto-Scoot. The company produced motor scooters until 1947.

Moto-Scoot scooters were offered as inexpensive, convenient, urban transportation in solo or sidecar form and there was even a tri-car with two front wheels and one at the rear. There were also delivery variants, a solo with an extended rear tray and a side-box three-wheeler. There was an extensive range of models that were updated regularly, often with only minor differences. They were equipped with a Lauson or Briggs & Stratton engines and some featured elementary gearboxes with a hand shift lever.

This Model 145 is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled Briggs & Stratton 1.5hp engine with no gearbox. The throttle is a simple hand control lever rather than a twist grip although many were fitted with the latter by owners. Its frame is of welded steel tubing with leading-link, undamped front suspension. It was fully restored to full working condition with its engine rebuilt and the correct paint colour in 2008. When acquired for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection via a US auction house in January, 2009, it came with an original sales brochure and an original licence.